In 1987 Charles started A-Z U-Pull-it Used Auto Parts Inc. as we know it today. Charles has also been a licensed, bonded and insured used car dealer since 1983. Charles actually got his start by at around age 12 traded his 22 mag rifle he bought new for $50.00 for a 66 falcon which he set out in front of his fathers gas station for sale. He got $300.00 for that falcon and was hooked. Charles hustled cars all through high school even buying and selling to his teachers. Charles tried to get dealer tags at age 18 but found out no one was willing to insure him untill he turned 21 years old .It didn't take Charles long to learn that the tires the old dutch people were discarding when they bought new Coopers from his dad were worth gold to the local hispanic mushroom farm workers. Pumping gas for his dad and giving change at age five turned Charles into a math wiz. He knew his numbers. So its no suprise that old Russ Berg was one of Charles' idols. Charles seen ol Russ buying junkers for $25 and selling the front end alone for $100.00. It didn't take Charles long to figure out that this was the racket for him. He wasn't discouraged by Villages Nolly telling him "You can't start a yard today with zoning as strict as it is". Charles looked at a few other locations before decididing the current location was the place he would pursue his dream. It was a humble start first working right out of his house there at the bottom of the hill. He knew his hill would be tough on business so there was a stretch where you were offered to take a yard car up the hill for a $1.00 charge. Charles didnt like the risks involved with customers driving reckless. It wasn't long before the office and parking were moved to its present location up top.

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194 Ridge Rd. Shoemakersville, PA 19555

Main Office: (610) 562-5559
Car Buying Line: (610) 741-9555
Fax: (610) 743-8632

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